“The law offices of Jerimy Kirschner & Associates provided me with excellent and timely representation of my case. Their competency, clarity, and compassion helped move my sensitive Trust case toward a satisfactory conclusion without delay. Mr. Kirschner’s knowledge of the law, and his ability to write and speak is remarkable. I highly recommend Jerimy Kirschner & Associates for Trust and Probate litigation needs.”


“…Mr. Kirschner successfully achieved a Denial of Bankruptcy Discharge by a very well funded and supported individual inappropriately using the Federal Bankruptcy Court as a shield from creditors most or all of whom were defrauded…  His knowledge and tenacity in client representation is superior in all, required as well as non required, aspects of his profession. It appears that he both loves and respects his profession its principles and his clients. I would strongly recommend Mr. Kirschner to anyone who is in need of legal representation…I render the above comments based on my personal 15 year experience with 5 lawyers as a direct client. Additionally based on superficial interaction with greater than twenty corporate attorneys over a forty year course of managing a multinational corporation.  Thus for the above reasons my opinion is that Mr. Kirschner occupies a position in the upper 5 pct of Lawyers with respect to ethics and upper 20 pct with respect to ability and accomplishment.” 


“First and foremost, Jerimy Kirschner IS an honest attorney!!! He doesn’t try to nickel and dime you like most in his field. He builds his case around your budget, and tells you each scenario path your case could take, and the fees for each path. He is master of analytical thinking, and aggressive when he needs to be. Jerimy very much cares about his clients, and this is why I will ONLY hire Jerimy should I have future legal needs. You will not go wrong by hiring Mr. Kirschner!”


“Jerimy and his team did an outstanding job taking care of business matter for us. He was very cognizant of the cost benefit analysis businesses deal with in every litigation case. His knowledge of the industry and the specific laws attached to the industry saved us time and money bring the case to a quick and reasonable resolution.”


“I went through several lawyers trying to get relief from a vindictive ex-husband and Mr. Kirschner was the only one who knew enough to help me, he’s GREAT!”


How It Works



During your appointment we will discuss your current estate plan or will (if applicable) and how to best protect your family in the future.



Once we have an up-to-date picture of your assets, Jerimy Kirschner & Associates will create a thoughtful strategy for your family.



Plans change as you go along and you may need revisions. We will be your partner in safeguarding your legacy and protecting your family.

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