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“…Mr. Kirschner successfully achieved a Denial of Bankruptcy Discharge by a very well funded and supported individual inappropriately using the Federal Bankruptcy Court as a shield from creditors most or all of whom were defrauded…  His knowledge and tenacity in client representation is superior in all, required as well as non required, aspects of his profession. It appears that he both loves and respects his profession its principles and his clients. I would strongly recommend Mr. Kirschner to anyone who is in need of legal representation…I render the above comments based on my personal 15 year experience with 5 lawyers as a direct client. Additionally based on superficial interaction with greater than twenty corporate attorneys over a forty year course of managing a multinational corporation.  Thus for the above reasons my opinion is that Mr. Kirschner occupies a position in the upper 5 pct of Lawyers with respect to ethics and upper 20 pct with respect to ability and accomplishment.”  – Client Name Withheld